Title: Equivariant Ulrich bundles and moduli spaces of Ulrich bundles
Speaker: KyeongDong Park (IBS)
Time: 2018-12-12, 10:45—11:45
Place: N913
Abstract: Ulrich bundles are vector bundles which enjoy many special features, and existence and properties of Ulrich bundles on a given algebraic variety tell us properties of the variety. Equivariant Ulrich bundles on rational homogeneous varieties of classical type were studied by many people. We prove that the only rational homogeneous varieties with Picard number 1 of the exceptional algebraic groups admitting irreducible equivariant Ulrich vector bundles are the (complex) Cayley plane E_6/P_1 and the E_7-adjoint variety E_7/P_1. And I will describe the moduli space of stable Ulrich bundles on the smooth Fano 3-fold of Picard number 1, degree 5 and index 2 using the moduli space of stable quiver representations. This talk is based on joint works with Kyoung-Seog Lee.