Title: Mop p cohomology of Shimura curves
Speaker: Prof. Yongquan Hu (MCM)
Time: 2018-12-20, 15:30-16:30
Place: N817
Abstract: At present, the mod p (and p-adic) local Langlands correspondence is only well understood for the group GL2(Qp), but remains mysterious even for GL2 of an unramified extension of Qp. However, the Buzzard-Diamond-Jarvis conjecture and the mod p local-global compatibility for GL2/Q suggest that this hypothetical correspondence may be realized in the cohomology of Shimura curves with characteristic p coefficients, cut out by some modular residual global representation. In the talk, I will report some results on the mod p cohomology of Shimura curves from the point of view of the mod p Langlands program. This is joint work (in progress) with Haoran Wang.