Title: Non-vanishing of central L-value versus vanishing of Selmer group: the case of unitary Gan-Gross-Prasad setting
Speaker: Prof. Liang Xiao (University Connecticut)
Time: 2017-8-17, 16:00-17:00
Place: S817
Abstract: The famous work of Kolyvagin shows that the non-vanishing of central value of the L-function associated to an elliptic curve implies the vanishing of its Selmer group. This was a key component in proving B-SD conjecture in the rank zero and one case. I will report on a recent joint work-in-progress with Yifeng Liu, Yichao Tian, Wei Zhang, and Xinwen Zhu, on a generalization of Kolyvagin's theorem for automorphic forms on higher rank groups, in particular the case of unitary Gan-Gross-Prasad paradigm.