Title: Selmer groups and congruence ideals of symmetric powers of modular forms
Speaker: Dr. Xiaoyu Zhang (Paris 13)
Time: 2017-11-28, 14:00-15:30
Place: N818
Abstract: Congruence ideals are often used in Iwasawa theory, especially in proving the divisibility of p-adic L-functions by the characteristic elements of Selmer groups. Let f be a non-CM elliptic modular form ordinary at a fixed odd prime p satisfying some technical conditions. In this talk, we will concentrate on the twisted even symmetric powers r of the p-adic Galois representation associated to f. I will describe a formula relating the characteristic power series of the Selmer group of r and the congruence ideal given by certain Langlands functorialities for each layer in the p-cyclotomic extension of Q.